[WARNING: Video contains repeated F-bombs and brief nudity]

The video for Maroon 5's new song "This Summer's Gonna Hurt" has officially dropped, and so have Adam Levine's pants. Okay, technically it was his towel, but you get the idea.

The newly released uncensored video shows Levine backstage in London, getting ready for a concert, and then taking the stage in front of a cheering crowd. The black-and-white clip, which was shot in one continuous take, opens with Adam stepping out of the shower wearing a towel barely covering his who-ha. Levine then drops the towel and turns around, and we're treated to the sight of his totally naked butt. Sadly, the shot only lasts for about a second. (Thank God for the "pause" option.)

If you can get past his naked backside's guest appearance, the video makes for an interesting behind-the-scenes look at what happens immediately before, and after, Maroon 5 performs.