This song is wonderful but the video they made for it is even better if possible!


Maroon 5 asked fans to send in their videos for the song "Daylight" and that they would put them all in it and use it for the band's video. Fans really open up in their videos telling the world what their biggest fears, regrets, happiest moments, who they are in love with and can't tell, admitting their gay, talk about college, their parents, and much more.

Fans from all around the world sent in their videos to the band and told the band their deepest darkest secrets. It is great to see people around the world coming together for one song, and one band. Seeing a girl admit that she hates when people pretend to want to be her friend and they never do, you can't help but have tears along with her.

The video is a wonderful look into fan's lives and what about the song and music helps them through them. I loved watching this video and felt a brand new, deep respect for the band and their fans. It is a great tribute to them. Check out the video below and you'll love it too!