Mariah Carey and Nick Cannon have seemingly been on good terms lately, even hanging together with the kids on Easter Sunday, and that’s had gossip sites and tabloids wondering if a reunion was in the works.

Well, Mariah’s new song should put a stop to any talk of them getting back together.

In the mid-tempo cut titled “Infinity,” Carey sings about a failed relationship, and while she doesn't mention him by name, many on the World Wide Web of Speculation think the lyrics are a dig at her estranged husband, who filed for divorce in January.

"Why you mad/Talking 'bout you mad/Could it be/That you just lost the best you ever had," she sings to an ex-lover.

“Ain’t no being friends (duh)/Ain’t no false pretense (duh)/Ain’t no make amends (duh)/Ain’t no come agains (duh)/That’s the story, ain’t no happy ends,” she adds making it clear that reconciliation isn't happening.

Other lyrics many perceive as digs aimed at Cannon include: “Name hold weight like kilos/ Boy you actin' so corny like Fritos/Wouldn't have none of that without me, though”

According to those way hipper than me who break this kind of stuff down on the Internet, if someone “holds weight”, they’re of great importance. So what she's saying is that his name only mattered when he was with her, and now that he's not, he no longer has any cred or influence.

"Infinity" is the only new track on her upcoming greatest-hits compilation "#1 to Infinity", which is out May 18th.