Mariah Carey is the perfect candidate for reality television: Aside from her lucrative and lengthy career as one of the most consistently powerful forces in pop music, she has the type of personality that would lend itself well to unscripted programming. From her iconic “I don’t know her” shade geared toward Jennifer Lopez (not to mention the sequel, “I still don’t know her”), to her unfiltered comments about her time working as a judge on American Idol to her facial expressions -- Mariah undoubtedly makes for good television.

Imagine our delight, then, when an announcement made earlier today (March 15) confirmed rumors stating the singer would be involved in an upcoming reality series entitled Mariah’s World, according to a report from Billboard.

The show -- which will feature eight one-hour episodes -- will focus on Mariah’s Sweet Sweet Fantasy Tour as well as her upcoming wedding to James Packer.

Whether the show proves to be even half as entertaining as Mariah's stint on American Idol remains to be seen, but one can hope. Mariah's World does not have a release date yet.