We still can’t get over the fact that the No. 1 diva herself Mariah Carey has agreed to be a judge on ‘American Idol.'

Carey has carried the label “diva” with her for years, so the ‘Idol’ staff is doing the only thing they can at the moment: preparing. Her backstage rider has previously consisted of outrageous demands, so it’s no wonder staffers are bracing themselves for Carey’s arrival. Let’s take a look at some of her previous requests:

  • Baskets of puppies
  • Furniture with no busy patterns
  • Vases of white roses
  • Tea service for eight
  • She previously demanded a chauffeur for her dog
  • Confetti shaped like butterflies
  • 20 white kittens for a London appearance

Done scratching your head yet? Okay. But the following may be most shocking of all: a source close to the singer said Carey won’t require anything out of the ordinary for ‘Idol.’ Whaaaaaaaaat?  ”It’s all standard stuff, nothing out of the ordinary,” said the source. “It’s not like they’ll need to put a new roof on the building. It’s standard lists, whether it’s for water, soda, veggies, snacks. It’s all fairly normal.”

Perhaps motherhood is having big impact on Carey’s not-so-divalike behavior?