Rising Republican star Marco Rubio was hoping to take the television airwaves by storm last night when he did the Republican Party's response to President Obama's State of the Union Address.  Unfortunately, things didn't go as planned...  But his speech is definitely the one everyone is talking about this morning!

After the President spoke last night, I stuck around for the GOP's response.  I don't usually because it tends to be a "Nuh uh, the President is such a poopy head, don't believe anything he says," kind of thing.  But Rubio is being groomed to be a Presidential candidate in the near future, so I wanted to see how he handled the spotlight.

Well, the spotlight must have been pretty hot, because it sucked up all the moisture in the room, and in Rubio's mouth!  His lips looked like they were sticking to his teeth about 5 minutes into his speech, and then he started wiping his mouth, and finally, there was this:

I gotta tell you, I have a huge fear of talking in front of people as well, so I feel for the poor guy!  Hopefully, if he does become the Leader of the Free World, his minions will make sure he has a glass of water closer at hand!