A man is in jail after allegedly spray painting a sign out in front of El Paso's City Hall as a protest about the shooting death of a local bodybuilding by a police officer earlier this year.


Early Thursday morning, some downtown clubgoers told two off-duty El Paso Sheriff's deputies who were working security at Leo's Nightclub, that 34-year-old Rodney Echeverria was spray painting the words "Daniel Saenz Murded" and "You Tube Murder ER" on the City Hall sign. Echeverria fled the scene but deputies chased him to a ravine near Campbell and Franklin and arrested him.


Officers said Echeverria told them he was making a statement about Daniel Saenz being shot and killed by an officer. He was arrested on suspicion of graffiti, evading arrest and resisting arrest. EPPD says Echeverria could face more charges because similar graffiti was found at PD's Pebble Hills Regional Command Center.

The incident that Echeverria was talking about was the shooting death of Daniel Saenz while he was in custody of EPPD. Saenz had been as arrested for causing a scene at the Albertson's on Yarbrough on March 8th, and was being taken to jail after being checked out at Del Sol Medical Center after injuring himself. He became combative, and an altercation between Saenz, an officer, and a civilian ensued, and he was shot. Saenz died later of his injuries.

A grand jury has since cleared Flores of any wrong doing in the shooting.