You know I love me the Coca-Cola, that's why I'm so shocked and horrified at the senseless abuse of delicious soft drinks by a smuggler caught by federal agents earlier this week.  The humanity.  Oh, the humanity...

There is nothing better than an ice cold can o'soda.  I go weak in the knees when I wrap my hands around a can of Coke that has been sitting in the freezer for 30 minutes or so.  The slushy goodness is almost too much of a good thing.  Almost.

But a crafty fellow thought he'd use some innocent soft drink cans to take not cold, delicious liquid treats into Mexico from the U.S., but cold, hard cash.  Thankfully, when he tried to bring his ill-gotten booty over the Stanton Street bridge at 3 o'clock Wednesday morning, federal agents and their canine companions figured out his ploy and arrested him.

That's what you get, Juan Francisco Dominguez Morales of San Diego, California.  I hope you learned your lesson, mister.  Never, NEVER, abuse Coke.