Canutillo Independent School District officials are warning parents about their social media content after a man was arrested for trespassing on the district’s campuses carrying photos of young girls. 29-year-old Andrew Santillano was arrested Thursday at Bill Childress Elementary School in Vinton on suspicion of criminal trespassing.

When he was found, he allegedly had 31 photos of high-school-aged girls in his front pocket. Andrew Santillano was arrested because he was violating a previous order to stay away from schools in the Canutillo Independent School District.

Santillano gave police a story about why he was there, but they said it was “inconsistent with events occurring in the school.” The Anthony, Texas, Police Department is investigating the incident and want anyone who has had contact with Santillano to call them at 886-3838.

Internet experts say there has been increasing incidents of people downloading photos of children off of random Facebook and Instagram accounts. They say you should periodically check your and your child’s friends list to be aware of who has access to your page.

You should also be careful of the content of the photos you upload on your age.