There's a guy named Andy George who runs a YouTube channel in which he showcases the entire process of creating everyday things.

His latest endeavor was to document the entire process of making a "simple" chicken sandwich from scratch. And when I say 'from scratch," I mean from scratch. George took farm-to-table literally, producing all of the ingredients himself.

He grew his own vegetables, harvested some wheat then ground it down to make flour for the bread, milked a cow and made cheese, extracted honey from a local bee farm's bee hive, slaughtered a chicken, and even collected seawater, so he could boil it down and make salt. When all was said and done, George had his chicken sandwich.

Total prep time: six months. Total cost? $1,500. And after all of that work, how did the sandwich taste? "It's not bad," George declares in the above video, after taking a bite.

Yup, six months of his life for 'not bad.'