An extremely arachnophobic Detroit man apparently has a touch of pyromania too, because he actually used a lighter ... yes, a lighter, to burn a spider crawling on his car's gas tank. And as you might expect, he sparked a huge gas station fireball in the process.

The incident happened at a Mobil station in Center Line, Mich. Surveillance video caught the man moron leaning in as he spotted the eight-legged creepy-crawly, then trying to kill it by flicking his Bic. Fire quickly burst from his car to the nearby gas pump.

Gas station worker Susan Adams quickly hit the cut-off switch to the tank, and after running around in a panic for a bit, the man finally had the presence of mind to grab a fire extinguisher and put the fire out before it spread. Thanks to the Adams' quick actions, the only casualty was presumably the spider.

Word is the gas station will not be pressing charges. They say their insurance is going to cover the damage.