John Marshall, 52, of Florida and his neighbor had been in disputes over the past few days about some property work. On Wednesday, John's neighbor came over to his residence and was threatening John with a gun. The men wrestled with the gun after a physical altercation and John gained control of the gun and fatally shot his neighbor.

According to court documents, John didn't know who to trust or what to do so he loaded the body into the back of his pick-up truck and drove to his lawyer's office. But it doesn't end there, the drive is reportedly 45 minutes from John's home. No one noticed the dead body in the back for more than 25 miles.

According to John's lawyer, he showed up to his office on Wednesday about 4 p.m. in a panic. Attorney Robert Harris called 911 and the body was taken away. John reportedly was questioned for over 6 hours at his attorney's office until he was transported to the hospital with a swollen lip, missing tooth and what appeared to be two broken thumbs.

Lee County Sheriff’s deputies declined to say whether Marshall would be arrested. The case is still pending for further investigation.