If you are a westsider and you drive on Mesa, you’ll need to be aware of a major traffic headache that might be fixed tomorrow -- or it might take weeks to remedy.

Mesa from North Desert to Remcon is very heavily trafficked and it will be a problem for drivers because of a water main break in that area earlier this week. El Paso Water Utilities is working on their part of the problem, but TxDot has to make street repairs, and that could take a few weeks.

The biggest problem for drivers is the lack of easy side streets to skirt the work area. The best plan is to avoid the area entirely, but if you have to be in the area, you can take parallel streets to I-10, like Redd Road, Thorn Avenue, Resler Drive or Sunland Park Drive.

By the way, the private contractor who caused this headache will be billed for the repairs.