Our prayers have been answered ladies! Magic Mike star, Joe Manganiello has been talking to a Dallas strip club owner about investing in a male strip club. Will this actually happen?

The real question is if we will be getting one in El Paso, am I right? Well the hunky Manganiello plays Big Dick Richie in Magic Mike and has become so interested in the male strip club franchise, he is even thinking of investing in one.

Manganiello has been busy producing a documentary, La Bare, which is about the Dallas outpost of male strip club chains. The documentary will premiere Sunday at Slamdance but the idea of investing in a strip club is something Manganiello is thinking about pursuing.The owner of La Bare, has pitched this idea to the True Blood star to go in with him on his next new club.

Sadly, this is only an idea for now but maybe if women give this idea some positive feedback, it can happen soon. Every time I start the argument about male strip clubs in El paso, I always hear people saying they would never work because women don't think the same way about strip clubs as men do. The majority of people I have talk to believe women just aren't as demanding and into strip clubs as men. Do you think this is true? Could a male strip club benefit El Paso?