The debate over how good Madonna’s Super Bowl halftime show was may have divided a nation, but one thing that can’t be argued; people watched it. Her performance is now the most-watched Super Bowl halftime show EVER, attracting an estimated 114 million viewers ... about 4 million more than the Black Eyed Peas' halftime show drew last year.

Madonna was also big online. According to Twitter, the halftime show generated 10,245 Tweets-per-second, a new record for a "live entertainment event." In comparison, Beyoncé's pregnancy announcement at the "MTV VMAs" last August -- the previous record holder -- jammed Twitter with 8,868 Tweets per second. Roughly 59% of those tweeting about Madonna's show were down with it, 30% not so much and 11% of the tweets were neutral type comments. In case you missed it, or want to re-live the moment, here’s ALL 12 and-a-half minutes of Madonna’s Super Bowl Halftime show in stunning high definition: