MADONNA VERBALLY ATTACKS MOVIEGOER WHO ASKED HER TO STOP TEXTING: The "New York Post" is reporting that MADONNA got scolded for texting during a movie, then lashed out at the person who called her out.

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Madonna, who was a surprise attendee at the premiere of the historical drama "12 Years a Slave," apparently isn't up on her movie-going etiquette. A witness told the Post Madge, quote, "wouldn’t stop texting throughout the first half of the movie. Eventually, a woman next to me tapped her on the shoulder and told her to put her phone away, and [Madonna] hissed back, 'It's for business... enslaver!'"

MILEY MADNESS - OFFERED A MIL TO DIRECT ADULT MOVIE: The adult film company GameLink has offered MILEY CYRUS one million dollars to direct it's next movie. And she doesn't have to have sex, take her clothes off or even appear onscreen.

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Here's what the letter said: "We at GameLink have been watching your career with great interest as you break your child star persona and become an empowered young woman that is unapologetic about your lifestyle, especially when it comes to expressing your sexuality. [We] would like to offer you the very lucrative opportunity to direct an adult film, giving you full creative control, for ONE MILLION dollars."

TODAY IN CELEBRITY SELFIES: If you're still looking for a Halloween costume idea, might I suggest BEYONCÉ'S latest selfie for inspiration (I'm looking at you Patty Campos!) ...

KEEPING UP WITH THE JENNER SPLIT: "Bachelor" Ben Flajnik would like you to know he is not, I repeat, not interested in dating KRIS JENNER. In Touch magazine claimed Kris "has a crush on Ben" and had set her sights on him, but the former Bachelor contestant tells Us Weekly there’s nothing romantic going on. He says he did her talk show once, then they filmed an episode of "Keeping Up With the Kardashians" at his vineyard, and that's the extent of their relationship. Plus, he has a girlfriend.

Meanwhile ... BRUCE JENNER'S sons from his previous marriage, Brody and Brandon, are reportedly thrilled with the separation, because Kris kind of drove a wedge between them and their dad. TMZ reports Brody and Brandon have always felt Kris was responsible for their father abandoning them when they were growing up, and blame her influence on Bruce for him not paying child support for almost 10 years. Sources tell the gossip site now that Bruce is living in Malibu, Brody and Brandon are reconnecting with their dad and have “an adult relationship” with him.

In an effort to refute the TMZ story ... Kris hit up her Instagram page and posted a photo of her and Bruce with the boys looking like one big happy family. It’s not clear, though, when the photo was taken. Pay particular attention to the hashtag …

“Another amazing night @brodyjenner @sprandoni and Bruceeeeee!!!” she captioned it. “Too fun I love you guys!!! #sorryTMZgotitwrongAGAINLOL”

THEN AND NOW - NICOLE KIDMAN: NICOLE KIDMAN recently turned 46, but still looks as young as she did 20 years ago when she was still married to TOM CRUISE (THEN) (NOW)

THE GRILL AMANDA BYNES NEVER GOT TO WEAR: Before AMANDA BYNES got locked up, she commissioned a $10,000 grill from celebrity jeweler Ben Baller. But because of the circumstances she finds herself in, he's been unable to get it to her, so the 14k rose gold grill with natural pink diamonds is just collecting dust. Here's a photo of it Baller posted on Instagram ...

MARIAH CAREY SHOWS US HER (DISNEY) PICS: MARIAH CAREY took the kids to "The Happiest Place on Earth" and Tweeted out a couple of pics of twins Monroe and Moroccan's day at Disney, including this one and the one below ...


The above pics are truly adorable, but if I had to pick my favorite picture of her twins, it would have to be THIS ONE.