A Lower Valley neighborhood that borders I-10 will get a break from the noise of traffic.

TxDot is building a 500-yard-long, 20-feet-high, stamped concrete wall that will run between Stanley Street and Lomaland Drive on Gateway East.

A noise pollution study done by TxDot showed the neighborhood, which sits directly south of I-10, was being affected by the freeway traffic. When the study was done, TxDOT went to the residents to see if they were interested in getting a noise barrier wall.

Because of increasing traffic and new roads being built, there could possibly be other areas of town that will gett the sound barrier walls. Some neighbors say they wish the wall had been built sooner, but others say they feel a little like they are in prison, but it's nothing they can't live with.

The noise barrier wall will cost $1.5 million and should be completed in June.