Lost in the hype of the pope's visit was news that the iconic and newly restored Los Lagartos sculpture had been re-installed in San Jacinto Plaza.

After months of what appeared to be little to no progress, the fiberglass statue's return to its old home on Tuesday, February 16 gives us a glimmer of hope that the long overdue reconstruction of the plaza is nearing its end -- for real this time.

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Per a press release from the City of El Paso, Los Lagartos is among the final components of the square's makeover. With the artwork in place, all that needs to be done now is install pavers under the canopy, put up the remaining light fixtures, finish tiling the reflective pool, install the pavers and landscaping along Oregon street, and complete the interior of café building.

So how long will that take and when can we expect the project to finally be finished?

With numerous completion dates missed already, that's a question the city no longer wishes to answer with a specific date or timetable. In other words, it will be ready when it's ready.