When people say "there's nothing to do in El Paso", we stop and think about all the things going on, the places to go, and interesting things we have here and just laugh. So we've been working on fun lists of things, places and more.

Feel free to contribute things and we'll add them to our lists!

  • Fun Family Things To Do During the Christmas Holiday

    The holidays are a great time to spend with family and friends, and there are a lot of great things you can do around El Paso with the entire family. We give you a few ideas.

  • Gone But Not Forgotten - Some Places We Miss in El Paso

    There are a bunch of great places to go, but there are always a few that disappear and make us sad. Here are a few places we wish would make a return to the Sun City.

  • Places Serving Thanksgiving Dinner in El Paso

    Move here recently, get transferred in and don't have anywhere to have Thanksgiving dinner? We can help with some ideas on where you can get all the turkey and stuffing you want!

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  • The Best Burgers In El Paso

    Zagat's proclaimed their own list of the best burgers in El Paso, but we decided it would be better for us to tell them what the best burgers are. Here's our WAY better list!

  • The Worst Intersections in El Paso

    With El Paso's ever-growing population, there are a few intersections to look out for. Tricia gives you the scoop on where you should be most careful!

  • Most Haunted Places in El Paso

    Nothing is more fun than a little scare, right? We have some really great places to go hunting for ghosteses in El Paso, and Mike has compiled some phenomenal suggestions.

    Ft. Bliss
  • Where to Get Halloween Costumes in El Paso

    Halloween, the time for getting the kids dressed in their adorable scary-ness, and get you set for the Halloween parties. Here are some suggestions on where to complete that amazing costume for this year.

    Johnnie Walker
  • Where to Buy Your Pumpkins

    What would fall be without pumpkin pie, pumpkin carving and cool pumpkin decorations? But where can you fund these elusive creatures? We have a few ideas.

  • Great Labor Day Sales

    Who wants to work on Labor Day? No one, that's right! So what better way to spend your day, than with some shopping!

  • Amazing Local Buildings In El Paso

    El Paso has a rich and amazing history, and that history is reflected in some beautiful architecture around the area. Check out some incredible history here.

  • The Worst Storms In Recent Memory

    El Paso is known for its sunny demeanor, but occasionally we will get hit with some odd weather situations. Last February's monster freeze, for a great example. Here are some more of the more memorable storms to hit the Sun City.

  • Successful People From El Paso

    Who says no one ever makes it from El Paso? When someone says this to you, we have compiled a great list of some of the people who've really made a splash in the world!

  • Best Outdoor Activities In El Paso

    With all our sunny days and perfect weather, what can you do outside? Wrong question. What CAN'T you do outside?

  • Best Places To Cool Off In El Paso

    When it gets ridiculously hot, our only focus is cooling off. Where can you get the most cooling for the least amount of effort? Try these ideas.

  • Best Places To Go Swimming In El Paso

    Wanna get wet? Of course you do! When it's hot, one of the best ways to cool off is to get wet. Here are some great places to do just that.

  • Best Places To Take Your Dog

    El Paso is more dog-friendly than you might think! Want to take your dog with you to dinner...you can!

  • Best Playgrounds In El Paso

    It's always good to get the kids outside and playing with other kids. The best places to do that? Playgrounds! We have some really good ones listed here.

  • Best Places For A Bachelorette Party

    Planning the perfect bachelorette party? Everyone needs some help, and we have some ideas that might make your party the most memorable night this side of Bangkok!

  • Where To Take Mom For Mother's Day

    We love mom! You have to take mom somewhere great for her special day, and we have some ideas for you that might not have occurred to you.

  • Best Places To Meet Singles

    While it might seem like all the best guys are taken, we all know it's not true. There are so many places to meet people, we couldn't even list them all. We got some great ones down, though. Send us your ideas!

  • Best Places For A Kid's Party In El Paso

    It seems like there's always another birthday party to throw, attend, plan. Where to go? You feel you have to top last year's party, so here are some tips on how to do that!

  • Where You Can Get The Best Coffee

    You've taken the kids to the park, planned a party, run with the dog, bought tons of stuff...now it's time for an energy boost. Here are some places in town where you can get the best java of your life!

  • Where To Get A Great Cheap Meal

    No one wants to spend a lot of money eating out all the time, but then again, cooking every day is no fun. Where can you meet yourself halfway by not cooking, but still not spending a lot?

  • Where Should You Go On Your First Date?

    So, you've met that great new guy or girl and you want to make a good first impression. Where to go on your first date? Something fancy, casual, fun, quiet? We have some ideas.