Generations of El Paso students are mourning the loss of El Paso coach, Bobby Lesley. Lesley was found dead in his eastside apartment earlier this week. Lesley was 74.

Bobby Lesley was well known among El Paso basketball fans. He was a hall of fame member who took his 1976 Eastwood High School team to the first state title in the history of school. He had over 600 wins in his coaching career.

Former players said after he retired from coaching, he "kind of (went) off by himself." But Lesley was also remembered as the coach who taught them to leave it all on the court. Players said the lessons he taught them on the court have been lessons they have used in their everyday lives.

Even Texas Western great Willie Cager said, "He was a special person, man. He helped me out with the crisis I had with the open heart surgery.” Cager recalled that Lesley called Mary Haskins to help Cager out after his operation.

Lesley's daughter says he didn't want services or a funeral, but she is working on setting up a vigil Monday night at Eastwood.

Our thoughts and prayers are with the Lesley family.