Remember little Matthew Olivas who flew out to Dallas for a critical heart surgery? He needs us El Paso!

Former local newswoman Melanie Olivas wrote me this,

"Matthew Olivas Jr. is a walking miracle. He was born with a BIG heart, both literally and figuratively. Matthew was born with a congenital heart defect known as Ebstein's anomaly. He spent the first several months of his life in the hospital, which was a very difficult time for his parents, Matthew and Deidra, as well as the rest of his family. In true LION HEART nature, he PERSEVERED! He never had the chance to run around and play sports like other kids because he would get tired a lot quicker, but that never stopped him from hoping that one day that would be him. Matthew went on to spread joy to everyone he would meet. The mere sight of his big brown eyes, gorgeous smile, and rosy cheeks is enough to melt the strongest of hearts, but not even those beautiful qualities can't compare to the love he has to give. He is one of the most giving, faithful, loving, and funny kids you will ever meet. About a year ago, though, he began to have problems with his kidneys and doctors decided it would be time to operate on his big lion heart. On Thursday, October 17, 2013 he went in and doctors put in an artificial valve, but things did not go as smoothly as anticipated. Matthew has been battling a series of complications since then, and now doctors are leaning towards giving our lion a new heart, so he can run and play like he has always hoped.The heart transplant process is long and difficult. Matthew’s parents are now planning to move to Dallas, TX to be by their baby’s side. They will now have to look for work and find a way to raise money in the meantime. This process has been devastating, but we have a lot of faith that Matthew will continue to fight in true lion heart spirit because God is good! Any help you can offer to get this little lion a new heart is appreciated."



Matthew has suffered a series of complications from his surgery and a Wells Fargo account has been opened to help Matt, Matthew's father, pay for his travel expenses while he finds a job in Dallas. Anyone can access the account by asking to donate to the "Matthew Olivas Jr. Donation Fund" at any Wells Fargo bank. We need to help El Paso! We are a community and can show our support with something as little as a $5 donation.

Support Matthew HERE also!