These two llamas sure did cause some commotion in Arizona as they ran down some of the busiest streets. It was better than watching a daytime drama with these feisty llamas.

The County Sheriff's tried to rally the llamas into a nearby field with their SUVs around the intersections of 103rd and Grand Avenue but they quickly ran away and were on the loose for about an hour.

It was all over television and the police even tried using lassos to get them gathered up. It was quite the spectacle and the highlight of social media buzz everywhere.

The pair, one black and one white, were in town because a llama rancher brought them to an assisted living facility to visit an ex-llama rancher as a form of animal therapy. The initial drop off was then they became young, wild and free.

As everyone stopped their day looking at the social media and television coverage, they were finally captured and are safe now. The duo even have a Twitter now.