Stef Woods

Stef Woods
Diagnosed: Age 37
Currently NED
Now: Age 38

"I'm a university professor, attorney, sexual health and breast cancer advocate, and relationship and sex blogger."

Inspirations: "Throughout treatment, I reminded myself of a Joyce Meyer quote: 'The opposite of fear is faith. Whether you believe in a higher power, your doctors or yourself, it's important to keep the faith!'"

Advice to new patients: "Communicate with your doctors and don't always assume that they know what's best for you. Trust their expertise, but also trust your own instincts."

How I've changed: "Shortly after I was diagnosed with breast cancer in June 2010, I vowed to make this about more than just me. To that end, I have openly shared my experience with others via photographs, interviews, runway shows, panel discussions, and my blog."

What I'm proud of: "I look back on the past 15 months, and I'm amazed at all that has happened. In the midst of fighting breast cancer, I became an advocate and fundraiser for the cause. Although I'm done with chemotherapy and radiation, my mission to do my part to educate others and find a cure for breast cancer continues. My treatment may be over, but as an advocate, I'm just getting started."

What I wish everyone knew: "Dating and cancer aren't mutually exclusive. If you feel up to socializing, meeting new people and going on dates, you can! If you are in a relationship and feel strong enough to prioritize your sexual health, give yourself permission to prioritize intimacy and pleasure."

Via Women's Health Magazine