Roxanne MartinezRoxanne Martinez
Diagnosed: Age 30
Currently NED
Now: Age 31

"This year, I battled breast cancer while pregnant and won. I'm now living the best possible life I can. I wouldn't change a thing about my journey."

Inspirations: "My biggest blessing ever, my 5 month old daughter Serenity Milagros, and my many Team Roxy supporters."

Advice to new patients: "Attitude is everything. Be strong, fight hard, and kick ass!"

How I've changed: "Cancer gave me way more than it took away. I can now look at life with a new appreciation for even the smallest blessings."

What I'm proud of: "My journey, my daughter, and the legacy I will someday leave."

What I wish everyone knew: "Never give up...Live each day like it's your last...Appreciate every blessing."

Via Women's Health Magazine