Andrea NugentAndrea Nugent
Diagnosed: Age 39
Currently NED as of March 2011
Now: Age 42

"I have a new zest for life and feel obligated to give back. Cancer has forever changed me. Through the storm, I am able to experience the life I always wanted. I had to have this test so that I could have a testimony. My testimony is allowing me to do the things I feel passionate about such as motivational speaking and writing books. I just published a children's book, Mommy is Still Mommy: Cancer Can't Change That!"

Inspirations: "God and my son. My son, who was 2 [years old] at the time of my diagnosis, inspired me to get up each day and fight with all my might. He told me each day that he was going to take care of me and make me feel better. My mom, my son's father, and my brother...[they] came each day to take care of me and my son when I was weak. They really stepped it up for me. Even though my sisters, brother, dad, and step-mom live in other cities, they had my back with prayers. All my family and friends offered huge support."

Advice to new patients: "Never give up! Attitude is everything. Your frame of mind will frame your world."

How I've changed: "My faith in God has become even greater and my life has come full circle to where I am now serving others through my non-profit B.i.o.n.i.c. Girls, Inc. (Beauty is Optional: Newer Improved Changed). We provide free transportation, household cleaning, etc. to breast cancer patients. I will never look at life the same again."

What I'm proud of: "The fact that at no point did I let my diagnosis get me down. I knew it was something I had to go through, and I am proud of how I handled it. I went through each day with a smile."

What I wish everyone knew: "Breast cancer is not a death sentence."

Via Women's Health Magazine