Relationship experts advise men to never, ever tell a woman to "calm down" during a disagreement. Women, it turns out, tend to find the phrase condescending and disrespectful -- which, of course, can add fuel to the fire of an already intense situation.

After talking about this on the latest Mike and Tricia Relationship Report, we asked our female listeners to comment on what phrase their husband says during a fight that sets them off even more.

Amante hit up the KISS-FM Facebook page to tell us that his wife says, quote,  "when I say "ok, your right" just to end the argument." Jennifer Garza took to the Mike and Tricia Facebook wall to add,  ‎'"whatever". That's like the "DING DING DING" boxing bell going off." Patty Medina added, "After he gets everything off his chest by screaming and throwing a tantrum that's when i start raising my voice and that's when He calmly asks me what's wrong with you??? Why do you always have to yell? Gets me so mad!!!!!"

Listen to what some of the words or phrases our listeners called in below, then you tell us "What does your husband say to you during a fight that sets you off even more?"