Listeners occasionally write Mike and Tricia Mornings with their thoughts and comments. The  latest is from a listener who thinks telling your kids that Santa Claus is real is 'morally wrong' and can't and shouldn't be justified. Read the email below, then leave your thoughts and comments in the “leave a comment” box below:

"I think parents of young kids are stupid to the point of being morally wrong when it comes to Christmas fables. How could you not be proud of a child for learning the truth about Santa Claus, and growing into a deeper understanding of the world? But instead parents will go to absurd lengths to LIE TO THEIR CHILDREN'S FACES, and keep them in the dark as long as possible. And it's WRONG. You should let a child enjoy the fantasy until the truth comes out however that may be, and then give it up forever."

Is it justified to lie to children about Santa Claus being real? Or is the truth the better option here?