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Listeners write Mike and Tricia Mornings with personal dilemmas they need help with. The  latest is an email from a female who wonders is she's too candy-coated to wear a sexy costume for Halloween. Read the email below, then leave your advice, suggestions, or comments in the “leave a comment” box below:

Okay, I need your opinion. My girlfriends and I are gonna go party downtown and on Cincinnati this weekend and we're all dressing up for Halloween. I want to go as a Sexy Vampire, but when I showed them my costume, I got the impression that they feel I'm too fat to dress as a sexy anything. Not their words, mine. They were nicer about it saying I should go "more covered up" but too fat is what they meant. Especially since they're costumes are all hoochie mamma. Do you guys think I'm too fat to be a Sexy Vampire?"