Listeners write Mike and Tricia with their thoughts,comments, and problems. The latest is from a listener who wonders if her friend's 'no ring no bring' wedding policy is rude.

Okay, tell me if you think this is messed up or not. A couple I’m friends with are planning their wedding and when I asked about invitations, said they are going with the “no ring no bring” rule. In other words, unless you are engaged or married, you are NOT allowed to bring a plus one. WHAT? I mean, it’s only natural that you bring a date to those things, right? I get the financial part of it, but I mean come on! If you know the person you want to invite is single you should assume he or she will want to bring a date and count it against your targeted guest list, right? So what do you think, is telling someone they can’t bring a date just because they are SINGLE rude and messed up?

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