Soon some El Paso streets will be resurfaced and repaired by street crews during the month of August.

Each project includes removing existing pavement, replacing damaged curbs and gutters, upgrading sidewalks and ADA ramps, and applying a new asphalt surface. Motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists are urged to use caution in these areas and obey traffic control devices which are in place at each work site.

Below is the complete list of streets being resurfaced in El Paso as part of the City of El Paso’s Capital Improvement Program.

Street Resurfacing:

  • Jade Street from Zircon to Echo
  • Maxwell Street from Dyer to US-54
  • Sumatra Street from Album to Ceylon
  • Hondo Pass Drive from Gateway N. to Stahala
  • Memphis Avenue from Piedras to Red Rock Canyon
  • Nashville Avenue from Piedras to dead end
  • Mobile Avenue from Piedras to dead end
  • Louisiana Street from Richmond to Memphis
  • Elm Street from Richmond to Memphis
  • Poplar Street from North of Arizona to South of Grant
  • Nebraska Street from Nations to Morehead
  • Polk Avenue from Byron to Elm
  • Midway Drive from Hockney to Knights
  • Vocational Drive from Mimosa to Alameda
  • Chip Chip Way from Alameda to dead end