Lindsay Lohan is broke as a bad joke, and her financial and legal woes may make her swallow her pride in exchange for some cash.

The once-promising actress is shopping herself for personal appearances, likely in order to pay her $233K in back taxes and to keep her storage locker items from the auction block. Need a wedding date?

The New York Post reports that 123Talent Agency is shopping La Lohan for any event the highest bidder desires. The pitch letter includes a full litany of Lohan's movie and television appearances and reminds the reader that she's also a recording artist and fashion designer.

You'd think with all those titles she'd have more cash left over, but apparently booze is a bad investment if you guzzle it.

In addition to selling off her clothes and time, LiLo has another offer on the table.

The famous Scores strip club offered Lohan the $16,000 in storage fees plus a few months rent in exchange for live chats on their website,

Lohan wouldn't have to get naked -- the job is just to host live chats, which she's free to do fully clothed. It's unclear how many chats she'd have to host, but considering she posed for Playboy when the price was right, this may not be beneath her.

But being labeled a groupie is.