With the little league holding a big part of the Sun City(with triple-A almost here), I would never dream this could happen…no wait, I do know this would happen. 


When I saw the headline, I was ready to hear a story about something crazy bad some teenager did to a coach. However, that isn't the case at all. After celebrating a win, a 14-year-old baseball player threw his helmet which led to an injury on his coach's Achilles (foot). Something like that is clearly and accident and even according to all parties, including the coach, it wasn't intended to hurt anyone.

The coach now wants to sue the kid and his family for HALF A MILLION DOLLARS! WAY over the cost of his medical bills! What a totally absurd amount, even the coach "claims" he didn't know his attorney had asked for so much. How can he not know that??

Also, the coach admitted to having a PRE-EXISTING CONDITION on the same part of his foot prior to the incident!

Do you think the coach deserves all that money? Who's in the wrong here?