Christmas, Christmas time is here! Time for fun and time hacks! If the holiday season is freaking you out and stressing you out, here are some awesome life hacks that will help you breathe easier!

Sometimes you don't have a perfect girt bag to wrap a lst minute gitf, you won't believe what this life hack smarty shows you to use! Hate how the rolls of wrapping paper never seem to be rolled just right?Life hack has a solution! And with stuff you already have in your home.

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Impress your holiday guests with a fancy hot cocoa drink, or even Christmas shaped pancakes! All with supplies you already have at home. One of my favorite life hacks from this holiday edition is the cute thank you cards you can make from the paper and some cardboard their actual gift was already wrapped in! Just sit back, watch and use some life hacks to make life easier during the hustle and bustle of the season!