The title says it all! Why have only ONE month to be aware? And why only one type of cancer?

October is well known as breast cancer awareness month, but why only one month when we have 12?! And why only focus on one cancer when there are hundreds?! I believe we should be proactive in the fight against cancers all year long. And speaking of being proactive, get involved! From donating 100$ to 1$ to just educating yourself, you can find some way to get into the loop! Prevention is the best protection! This month while there are tons of fundraisers, find it in your heart to help. Medical advances are not cheap and we all need to help. If we can pay our taxes to keep the jails running I know we can make a difference in the fight against ALL cancers. It's such a scary, silent disease and it needs to be put under control. Ladies, get your mammograms and yearly check-ups and men, get your prostate exams and other physicals to ensure early detection! Now go and scroll over to your favorite web browser and find a way YOU can help and how YOU can protect yourself and YOUR family!