Andrew Chung is a former KVIA'er, and a good friend of mine and Darren's.  He read my post from earlier this week where I gave thanks to the Coffee Gods for their magical caffeine beans and said he has done the very same thing!

He emailed me, "Tricia, either you're reading my mind or I'm reading yours because I made up a somewhat similar prayer in front of the coffee pots at KVIA.  It goes 'Oh most merciful coffee gods, please bestow your stimulant effect upon us...', then I bowed toward the coffee machine a couple of times for good measure!"

Andrew went on to say that he made up that prayer when he filled in for Jorge Torres, our morning weather guy from KVIA!  Funny things happen when the alarm clock goes off at 3am!

Thanks for the holla back, Andrew!  We miss you!