Spreading some holiday cheer is meme sensation Grumpy Cat! Isn't she just the cutest?

Tard, short for tarter sauce, is an internet sensation that has been taking over many social media sites. She has a twitter page, facebook page and even her own website!

Don't worry she really isn't always sad, she was just born that way. I love all the memes people are making using the many grumpy faces posted by her owners. Check out some of my favorites and maybe you will fall in love too!

Facebook/Grumpy Cat

She says what we really all feel.

Facebook/ Grumpy Cat

That face is priceless!

Facebook/ Grumpy Cat

Sometimes we all just hate everything on a bad day. Well grumpy cat hates everything, everyday!

Facebook/ Grumpy Cat

I think everyone looks like this on a Monday morning...

Facebook/ Grumpy Cat, Johnny Rolland

If this is true, I'm a little scared now...

Call me a crazy cat lady, but I just can't get enough of grumpy cat! A lot of holiday memes have been popping up on the internet but I can't share them with you because of some inappropriate language. If you are curious to see more memes just check out grumpy cat's website and social media pages. You can't help but fall in love unless you hate cats, which is most of America...