With everyone on a diet nowadays it is so hard not to want to snack. And mostly everyone wants to snack at night because they are starving! Well I came across some snack that you CAN eat late at night and not ruin your diet! 

10. Dried figs-Three or four of the chewy, candylike fruit should do the trick.

9. Dark chocolate-The darker the better. Chocolate made with at least 70% cacao contains less sugar and more antioxidants than its milk chocolate.

8. Greek yogurt-It's high protein, low in sugar, and can really fill you up.

7. Popcorn-Choose 100-calorie packs of 94% fat-free microwave popcorn. Or air-pop your own. Skip the butter.

6. Cheese quesadilla-Sprinkle some grated low-fat cheese in between a couple of high-fiber corn tortillas!

5. Crackers- preferably multigrain.

4. Multigrain pretzels-Whether in stick or twist form, pretzels are a surprisingly good alternative to chips.

3. Yogurt cubes If you're an ice cream lover, try this lean alternative: pour a homemade smoothie into ice cube trays, then freeze until slushy.

2. Frozen blueberries-packed with vitamins and antioxidants.

1. Strawberry shake- Blend yogurt, strawberries, and a teaspoon of honey for a refreshing treat!

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