A wrong-way driver crashed into three vehicles, sent 3 people to the hospital, and was charged with aggravated DWI and assault on a police officer, but can’t be taken to court.

Miller put a man, woman and child in the hospital on Saturday morning. When she was arrested she told Las Cruces Police that she had "talked to God this morning and told him she was not going to kill herself today." She also said she couldn’t sit down and wait for medical treatment because, quote, “I have to dance like ballerina."

She was taken to the hospital and tried to bite an officer's ear after complaining that her handcuffs were too tight. She did admit to using marijuana and other medications including CBD (cannabidiol) oil.

Here’s where things get, well, odd. Miller was released on her own recognizance, under the condition that she report to Magistrate Court today, or she would be arrested.

The problem is, as of Tuesday, no criminal complaint had been filed against Miller which means the court, and the police, can’t force her to show up to her court date.

What is up with this, Las Cruces police? How much damage is one person allowed to inflict on others before they are held accountable?