Whether you host a yard, garage, rummage, moving sale, whatever you call it, the Las Cruces Police are warning residents that such signs have some rules and regulations to follow. First of all , such sales are only allowed to happen for no more than 4 days. Also if the sale happens at a business or any other place used for non-residential happenings, there is a permit requirement the owner must fulfill before the sale.

The city also has an ordinance to diminish the amount of litter, and potential traffic risks, that may result from improperly placed signs from yard sales. Signs are only permitted on private properties and only with the property owner’s permission. It is against city ordinance to place signs on roadways, sidewalks, medians and shoulders, or onto light poles, stop signs, fire hydrants or on any other public property. Violations of the city’s sign ordinances can result in a fine of $500 or incarceration up to 90 days. SO make sure you have all your sign rules down! 

For more information about signage, you can contact Las Cruces Codes at 575-528-4100.