As parents and step parents, our job is to be a good role model for our kids and teach them how to get along in the world. One Las Cruces stepmom didn't get the memo about being a 'good' role model. She got arrested for using her 13-year-old stepson to help her in a shoplifting scheme.

27-year-old Angelica Joy Green tried to return merchandise from a Cruces Target that she had her stepson steal. He was seen on surveillance footage making off with two Beats headphones and a cartridge for printer ink, leaving the store, and handing over the stolen property to Green.

Green then tried to return the almost $400 in merchandise back to the store. Yeah, real winner this one.

She was arrested, her stepson was turned over to his biological mother, but he was also ticketed with shoplifting. Way to give that boy such a great start in life.