Bread of Life or as they call themselves in Spanish, Pan De Vida, isn't like any other food bank in Las Cruces. Read on and find out why and how you can help.

Pan de Vida is a local ministry in Las Cruces working out of Las Cruces First Assembly of God and they help the community by giving out food to people in need. The ministry provides food and supplemental food boxes free of cost! Whatever your income may be or circumstances, they do not discriminate. All are welcome to receive weekly assistance, and it will not affect any other assistance you may be receiving.

Pan De Vida Facebook Page

You can also donate to the cause to keep their food pantry dully stocked. They take any canned food items, soups, noodles, cereals, anything to help a family in need during tough times and being short on food for their family. Take all donations to 5605 Bataan Memorial between the hours of 9am and 4pm. If you would like anymore information on the food bank you can contact Sonia Barron at 575-649-9587. They also have a Facebook page.