This story is so sad and just horrific. Who would do something like this?

UPDATE: The doctors working with Aston have agreed to do the surgeries Aston needs with the funds already raised. Great job to everyone who has helped! They did surgery this morning and Aston is hanging in there being a very groggy kitty. They will be fitting his prosthetic legs soon. Send him well wishes for a speedy and successful recovery!

Little Aston had been missing for some weeks and the Benavidez family thought he had run away or even worse was stolen. Their worst fears were true. Seems that someone in their mobile home park had taken Aston and tortured him only to leave him back in their yard days later.

When he was found the family rushed Aston to the vet and got him immediate medical care. He came in only weighing 4 lbs and his back legs had been broken and his tail was shaved. Aston now needs to have his legs amputated and if possible the family is trying to raise funds for prosthetics. This is a horrible animal cruelty story and we hope the abuser is found and brought to justice.

If you would like to help Aston, here is the link to the Go Fund Me page set up for him.