So many children in Dona Ana County go without warm clothes for the winter months and you can help change that. The Las Cruces Rio Grande Rotary Foundation is accepting donations.

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The mission of the Las Cruces Rio Grande Rotary Foundation’s Dress The Child program is to provide new clothing and shoes for children living in the poorest families in Dona Ana County. Many of these children have never had new clothes and have never had the opportunity to shop for clothes.

The founders and program volunteers believe that children whom do not have adequate clothing can’t help but have lower self esteem than other children and tend to perform poorly in school and suffer from other social issues. By providing these children with new clothes, these kids will have better self worth, an improved opportunity for scholastic success, and have an opportunity for a better life and not to mention warm clothes for the upcoming cold winter months. Many children not only need whole outfits in good condition, but many need new shoes and coats for the winter.

To donate, you can inquire about the program at The Las Cruces Convention Center at 680 East University Ave or call, (575) 644-9469.