A Las Cruces District Court judge reduced the bond for a 28-year-old Josie Rubio accused of abusing her two children after the woman pleaded not guilty to allegations.

Las Cruces Police Department

An 11-year-old boy told authorities he was forced to sleep outside his home several nights a week for about six months last year as punishment for wetting his pants. On cold nights, the boy said he had to secretly turn on a propane grill to keep himself warm. The morning after the boy was forced to strip down nude and his mother’s boyfriend would spray him down with cold water. Sounds like something out of a horror story but unfortunately is was a reality on the 5100 block of Creek Trail in Las Cruces.

The boy’s mother, 28-year-old Josie Rubio and her boyfriend 24-year-old Stephan Cordero were arrested by Dona Ana County sheriff’s and are now being charged with 15 counts of child abuse. Each are facing three counts of first-degree child abuse, 10 counts of negligent child abuse and two counts of intentional child abuse, both second-degree felonies.

Rubio is being held at the Dona Ana County Detention Center on a $1 million surety bond. Cordero, her boyfriend is being held at the jail without bond due the violent nature of the crimes. The boy’s 12-year-old sister was also allegedly beaten by Cordero after she said she attempted to feed her 2-year-old sister.

An investigator explained to the boy that his mother and her boyfriend were going to jail and the boy responded with, “That’s fine this really needed to stop,” Since their arrest the children have been placed into Child Protective Services. A trial date has not been set for Rubio or Cordero.

Rubio and Cordero were each indicted by a Doña Ana County grand jury and charged with 14 counts of third-degree child abuse. Rubio is being held on a $1 million bond, and Cordero is being held without bond. If convicted as charged, Rubio and Cordero are each facing three years in prison for each count.

UPDATE: Rubio, made her first appearance in Las Cruces District Court on Monday before District Judge Douglas R. Driggers where she pleaded not guilty to all 14 counts of child abuse with her public defender. Family members addressed the court and Rubio was in tears as family members pleaded her case that the couple was "very good parents". ANother court date is in Rubio's near future.