All of Las Cruces was watching Austin Trout fight Joey Hernandez last night and one thing happened during the fight that was not anticipated.

If you watched last night on FOX Sports 1 you know exactly what I am talking about. The fight was going as a fight should, Trout winning each round 10 to 9. Then in the fourth round Hernandez seemed frustrated from being beat by Trout and decided some WWE skills would suffice, so he grabbed a hold of Austin and body slammed him to the ground. Austin immediately got up and only one point was deducted from Hernendez when it should have been two.

But that little childish episode didn't phase Trout as he kept his professionalism and kept fighting as a fighter should. He knocked down Hernandez with about 12 seconds left of the sixth round left out of a 10-round bout. It is safe to say Las Cruces is very proud of our hometown champ, No Doubt Trout.

Photo By: Patty Campos