There is a little, tiny, glimmer of hope in the sad story of Lamar Odom. Lamar has been in critical condition since he was found earlier this week unconscious in a Nevada brothel. Lamar has been on a ventilator, his major organs were failing, and all signs were pointing to him passing away from a reported overdose of herbal Viagra and other drugs. Khloe Kardashian has been at his bedside and making all his medical decisions all week long, and yesterday, some good news came out about Lamar.

Multiple media outlets have reported that he managed to say "Hi" to Khloe. There is no word on if he maintained consciousness or how long he was awake. Word is Khloe told him that she loved him and that's when he blinked. He is also reportedly able to breathe on his own for brief moments.

The problem is he does still have serious damage to his vital organs, but, hopefully this is a good sign that he is on the road to recovery.