IN DENIAL – LADY GAGA: LADY GAGA 's amorous display is her way of showing the world it’s all good in Gaga land, after London’s The Sun reported a split with boyfriend TAYLOR KINNEY was imminent.

The Sun claimed her “insane workload” and Kinney's inability to “deal with dating Gaga the megastar and all her obsessions and alter-egos” was causing a major rift between the two. But Gaga denied that assertion in a round-a-bout way  -- by putting on a show of affection at the YouTube Awards. (Those are novelty teeth she's wearing, by the way.)

JUSTIN BIEBER GETS PELTED WITH WATER BOTTLE + CAUGHT SNEAKING OUT OF BROTHEL: JUSTIN BIEBER had a show in Brazil on Saturday night, but it didn't last very long. The Bieb abruptly ended the show after someone chucked a water bottle in his direction. Fans, who had already waited 90 minutes past the scheduled start time, stood around for 30 minutes for Justin to come back, but left after the road crew started packing up his equipment.

Justin wasn't in Brazil just to disappoint South American Beliebers. He was there for the brothels too! The Bieb was photographed leaving a house of ill repute in Rio de Janeiro on Friday night. Justin and a friend were reportedly in there for three hours. He tried sneaking out by hiding under a white sheet, but his tattooed arm gave his identity away. Oh, and he and his friend didn't leave alone, either. They took a couple of the ladies back to his hotel with them. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)

LOHAN LUNACY - CASINO WANTS REFUND FROM LATE LINDSAY: LINDAY LOHAN'S inability to be on time may cost her a lot of money. TMZ reports Lohan was paid more than $50,000 to host a Halloween party at a casino in Connecticut, but she showed up so late the casino is now asking for a refund. Lindsay was supposed to arrive at 10 pm and walk the red carpet, but instead showed up at 11:43 and walked straight into the party without posing for photos or talking to fans. the casino s is now trying to renegotiate the deal because they feel she did not live up her end of the bargain.

JOSH BROLIN BOUNCER BRAWL NOT HIS ONLY WEEKEND RUN IN: It turns out JOSH BROLIN'S brawl with a bar bouncer wasn't his only run-in.  (See story below).

Stuart C. Wilson/Getty Images

Josh also got into it with a cabbie after a fender-bender at a taco-stand drive-through after supposedly rear-ending the taxi. When the driver attempted to exchange insurance info, Brolin went off. According to TMZ, after the cabbie disagreed with Josh's assessment that the collision had caused just a minor scratch, Brolin became enraged and yelled, "You suck as a cab driver." The cabbie then pulled forward to clear the drive-through lane, and Josh took off. That could be construed as hit-and-run, but the cabbie has yet to contact police. Josh's incident with the bouncer -- which appears on video below to have been alcohol-fueled -- took place just hours later.

WATCH JOSH BROLIN'S DRUNKEN FIGHT: In the video obtained by TMZ, Brolin is seen fighting with bouncers outside a Santa Monica bar early Friday morning before one of the security guys persuades him to hug it out instead.

COULD BE TRUE, COULD BE CRAP - TROUBLE IN PARADISE FOR RYAN GOSLING?: According to Us Weekly, RYAN GOSLING may soon be back on the market. The tabloid claims Ryan and EVA MENDES are close to calling it quits. One insider reveals that the two broke up briefly six months ago and that the relationship has "remained rocky ever since." Word is Mendes has jealously issues. "She sees a text from a mystery number and assumes he's talking to other girls." The source adds, "I wouldn't be surprised if they split for good soon."

BABY PICS: JOSH DUHAMEL returning home after a morning coffee run with baby Axl, HOLLY MADISON and Rainbow Aurora attend a charity event in matching dresses, and ALICIA KEYS and her family all covered up for an outing in NYC on Sunday. (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO) (PHOTO)