It turns out it wasn’t just a wild tabloid rumor, Lady Gaga will be the first artist to sing from outer space. More precisely, Gaga is going to sing aboard the Virgin Galactic SpaceShip Two.

“I was asked specifically to sing, so I’m going to be the first recording artist to sing in space,” she assured VF Daily at her ArtPop record-release party on Sunday. “This is a special festival event held by Zero G Colony, and I will be flying to space two months after the first commercial flights take off.”

Us magazine reported last week that plans were underway for Gaga to launch in 2015 aboard a Virgin Galactic spacecraft and blast off into space at a three-day high-tech music festival which will take place at Spaceport America, located 89 miles north of El Paso, just west of the White Sands Missile Range.