The owners of Las Posta restaurant in historic Old Mesilla took to Facebook to announce the recent passing of one of the most popular and "beloved" birds at the restaurant.


According to a comment left on the Las Cruces Sun-News Facbook page, Tiki had been under the weather for the last week or so and was pulled from the aviary while a veterinarian kept a closer eye on him. Sadly, he did not pull through. A favorite of many locals and visitors alike, Tiki was a resident at La Posta for almost ten years.

The wife and I have been eating there for many years, and I’ve always thought the fish tanks and the birds in the lobby area are a nice touch. The colorful, sometimes noisy birds especially have always been fun to watch and talk to while we waited for a table. If you’re a fan of the reception area’s feathered ambiance too then you can take comfort in the fact that the aviary's other residents – the parrots, cockatoo, and macaws -- are still there to welcome you with a whistle, a “Pretty bird,” and sweet head-bopping dance moves.