Kirsten Wiig is one of my favorite comedians and makes it even better that she is a woman comedian coming up in the biz. Here are some of her best impersonations.

Kristen Wiig, Amy Poehler and Tina Fey have to be the best at impersonating political candidates and when they portray them sometimes it's hard to see their personality even in there. I guess that's what makes them so good.

One of my favorites is Liza Minnelli. The way she portrays her speaking perfectly has go to be the funniest I have seen. The Disney Cinderella impersonation is just off the wall hilarious. The things she thinks of to portray a Disney princess is just so funny. She also had some funny clips on Jimmy Fallon acting like Michael Jordan and Khalessi from Game of thrones. We hope to see her in more movies soon.